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  • Hand printed onto 100% linen.  

    Understory flowers and ferns dance across this useful linen tea towel 

    Finished with a matching edge

    Original design screen printed with non-toxic ink.

    Ink is dark orange and linen is a natural color which has a greyish cast


    Hand sewn and printed in WA state


    Have you used linen in the kitchen before?  It's a dream.  You can wash it over and over and it holds up splendidly and gets more beautiful over time.  It is anti-microbial and doesn't leave lint on glassware.  In addition, flax (the plant linen is made from) is naturally eco-friendly when it's grown and harvested.

    Floral Linen Tea Towel

    • Measures apx 19"x24"  

      Machine wash in cool and hang dry for longevity and a crisp finish. 

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