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block printing in Italy

Did you know I went to Italy to teach a block printing workshop

(collaborating with and organized by goodlivingretreats) ?

It was an amazing dream come true for me: From viewing the lush nature in Tuscany at a local flower farm and a biodynamic winery, wandering the streets of Florence and Siena, to finally seeing the Botticelli paintings at the Uffizi gallery.

I learned that it is actually quite easy to be a vegan in Tuscany. When we ate out I simply chose a few "contorni" or side dishes that are common for the region, including white bean soup, roasted potatoes and veggies and also a side salad (I think the waiters thought I was weird, but I said "io sono vegana"-so they understood). It is also acceptable to order a pizza without the cheese, and it was all delicious. When we ate at the villa, our hostess, Cara, (from good living retreats in Bellingham, WA) was an amazing cook and made many traditional dishes for us (altering mine to suit). WE ate (and drank) well!

Needless to say, with all this beauty and abundance my students were inspired to create amazing prints. What sweet, creative beings I had the pleasure of teaching.

So, in short, I'd love to do another workshop. If you are looking for a teacher to collaborate with, let me know! OR if you are interested in my next class teaching in Seattle or somewhere more distant in the future please sign up to be on my mailing list (at the bottom of the page)


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